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Second Status Review: Saturday Morning IP/WP

Franklyn "Bud" Hayes

Second Status Review: Saturday Morning IP/WP

          Before drafting this status review I checked the first one that I sent out and was surprised to find that it is already a little over a year ago that I did that, 12/8/12 to be specific.  At that time we were averaging about a half dozen in attendance.  Now we are down to half of that and David Kelm, Cindy Palombi and I, who discussed this at  our January 4th meeting, are wondering whether it is time to either bring these meetings to an end or switch to meeting once a month.

            If we go to a monthly meeting our suggestion would be to divide the time between our traditional “check-in” and discussion of a book or article that hopefully we would have read ahead of time.  We welcome input from any of you who still feel linked with us.  It will have a bearing on what we decide to do.

            Whatever we do we trust that our commitment to empathic communication, nonviolence and peacemaking will continue in some shape or form.

Bud Hayes


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