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Building our local connections, enriching our lives

Barry Koren

The purpose of our site is to help build local connections and enrich your local experience.  

Try our Marketplace & Time Exchange.  Like Craigslist, you can place free ads, but here you can sell or buy with either dollars or hours. You can also say what you need, are giving away, or are sharing.  Or announce events.

Time exchanges work like pay it forward: I help you, you help another person, who helps another, who helps another. The Time Exchange Project adds immediacy.  When I help you for an hour, I credit myself an hour and debit you that hour.  I can immediately spend my hour by asking someone for help and you can clear the hour you owe by helping someone.  

The Time Exchange Project have won recognition - 

Other tools.  

  • Every user has his or her own profile page.  You can say what you're up to, add a description, links, and images.
  • You can join or create a group.  Examples: a block club, a tennis group, Parent-teacher organization.  Each group can have its own Marketplace & Time Exchange.  
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