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LINKS ON THIS PAGE...Shop and get info on building maintenance products and services.  Check videos, local listings, web search results, images, and books on commercial building maintenance.

B: Maintenance

find: search for: Search: maintenance | Advanced search Results: More than 200, showing 1—7. Categories Code Description 08 01 00 Operation and Maintenance of Openings 13 01 00 Operation and Maintenance of Special Construction 08 01 16 Operation and Maintenance of Composite Doors 08 01 90...

Search for: Search by: Company/Trade Name Product Type Select Division: 16 DIVISIONS 1. Gen. Req. 2. Site Construction 3. Concrete 4. Masonry 5. Metals 6. Wood & Plastics 7. Thermal/Moisture 8. Doors & Windows 9. Finishes 10. Specialties 11. Equipment 12. Furnishings 13. Special...

Maintenance and Cleaning Services Guide to Pricing and Costs of Maintenance and Cleaning Services Save money on cleaning maintenance services and invest in your business By A Antonow Action Steps The best contacts and resources to help you get it done Calculate the price of your property...


commercial building maintenance
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