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Barry Koren

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The Sharing Solution: How to Save Money, Simplify Your Life & Build Community PDF icon Things that can be shared - The Sharing Solution 1b.pdf
Tomorrow, May 8th - deadline for Oak Park Opt-In for Green Energy Program PDF icon Green Community Connections - Opt-in for Green Energy.pdf
Which way? Decisions in the moment PDF icon Barry's Affirmations 5c.pdf
Personal Missions - a guide to what we want to accomplish in life PDF icon Mission statements 1c.pdf
Personal Missions PDF icon A personal mission guides us on what we want to accomplish in life
Events for Our Street Party - Sept 7th PDF icon Events for Our Street Party - Sept 7th
Living in a greenbelt PDF icon A greenbelt is an urban planning concept. It's aim is to retain undeveloped, wild, or agricultural land around an urban area. Al
My Calling PDF icon I woke up this morning thinking about my calling and feeling thankful I finally had one. My calling is to carry out my mission
How my calling relates to my work PDF icon How my calling related to my work.pdf
Niche Marketing PDF icon NICHE1b.pdf
Negotiating Higher Profits - A Marketer’s View on How To Do It PDF icon NEGOT3E.pdf
Starting from Scratch PDF icon Starting from Scratch.pdf
Why eat alone in a restaurant? PDF icon Common Tables-- sign 1b.pdf
Six-Sentence Marketing Plan PDF icon Six-Sentence Marketing Plan.pdf
Notes About Presentation Skills PDF icon Notes about Presentations.pdf
How Can We Build a Better World PDF icon How Can We Build a Better World 1f.pdf
Four Character- Building Habits PDF icon Habits Sea4c.pdf
Learning to Have Fun PDF icon Fun SEA5.pdf
What Does Marketing Have to Do with Engineering? PDF icon What does marketing have to do with engineering2.pdf
Connecting at the "Third Place" PDF icon Connecting at a Third Place 1h.pdf
Building My Favorite Better World PDF icon Building My Favorite Better World 4.pdf
Four Basic Steps in Marketing PDF icon Basic Marketing Steps SEA7.pdf
Add a Human Touch When You Respond to RFQs PDF icon Add a human touch --RFQs2.pdf
7 Actions You Can Take to Be Part of the Emerging Revolution in Client Services PDF icon 7 actions you can take to be part of the emerging rev 1b.pdf
Funny Money PDF icon GREAT Notes 11-23-83f.pdf