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This Tues 9/26 at OPPL - A simple solution to big local money problems


Many of our big problems - locally & nationally - are caused by money. Eg, poverty, jobs disappearing, environment, and growing inequality.  

Money is also a simple, pragmatic solution, but a new (and ancient) money based on time.  

Here's how it works.  When I help you for an hour, I credit my account for that hour and debit yours.  The hour I just earned helping you I can spend by asking someone to help me.  The hour you owe you can clear by helping someone.

We are organizing time exchanges within churches, not-for-profits, and umbrella organizations in the Oak Park area and on the West Side of Chicago.  

I'll present the Time Exchange Project this Tuesday and lead what I hope will be a lively discussion.

  • Oak Park Public Library (Main library near Oak Park Av & Lake St.), Sept 26th, 20175pm to 6:15pm,  Small Meeting room on 2nd floor.

Questions: call Barry Koren, 708-445-0000.

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