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  • Stained glass from inside a Cathedral
  • Temple complex
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  • Small friendly restuarant
  • "Out of the Wood" by Lewis Cohen.  This wooden typewriter reminds me that people have been self-sufficient for a long time -- making things and helping one another and themselves.
  • Home schooling can be powerful.

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A knock on the door.

Barry Koren

Simple solution to some very big problems - Find common interests, help each other

Someone came to the our door begging for work.

Stories in our media say shooing her away is the safest thing to do.

But instead I connected with her.  She has five children, two are teenagers and are still living with her.  She cut our grass, I paid her, and we agreed that she’ll come back for a photo and that I would list her free ad on our block club and other bulletin boards.

Seems to me that she and I and many others helping one another is the way out of many of the problems that weigh on many of us: good jobs going away, homelessness, growing inequality, political and justice systems not working and problems not being solved, and our dependency on huge corporations that have unbridled power.

I tell you this story because it’s the premise of this website – a lot of these out-of-control problems can be solved by finding common interests with people around us and doing small acts of kindness.  Additional pay-offs: immediately enriching our village life and spirit.

And it will take lots of trials, errors, and folks willing to go in this more caring and trusting direction.  Karen never did return as she said she would.

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