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Extended Hours Coming to Bead In Hand

Kimberly Humphrey
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Bead In Hand in Oak Park announces they will soon be providing 24-hour shopping access, seven days a week.  “We realize that customers have a lot of purchasing options these days,” said owner Kim Humphrey, “and we want to maintain the high level of service we’ve always been known for.”

Humphrey noted that they are aware that many customers do their beadwork at all hours and especially at night, “and we know how frustrating it is to be working on a project and not being able to continue because you have run out of something or need an item that is essential to your piece,” she said.  Although people can shop on-line at all times of the day and night, “on-line shopping doesn’t help when you need something right now,” said Humphrey.  “And besides, it’s so much better to physically see the beads or materials you’re purchasing.”

“This space used to be a residence,” Humphrey explained, “so plumbing exists for installing a shower in the bathroom.  We’ll do some re-arranging of the office area to add sleeping space, and we’ll install a special ‘Night Bell’ to alert the staff person on duty if a customer comes to the door.”

Humphrey said that they’re very excited about adding this 24-hour service and many customers who have heard about it are just thrilled.  One customer “gave me a big bear hug,” Humphrey said, “and exclaimed that she does her best beadwork between 2 and 5 AM, and how often she wished she could pop into the shop for something essential to her project.”  Humphrey said that the customer told her that it’s the main reason she has so many projects started that she hasn’t finished.  “Now I can finish everything I start!” the woman told Humphrey.

Bead In Hand is located in the Oak Park Arts District, at 145 Harrison Street.  Humphrey expects the renovation of the space to be completed by the end of the month, and until then the hours will remain as currently listed: Mon, Tue & Fri: 10-6; Wed: 1-6; Thur: 10-7; Sat: 10-5; and Sun: 12-5.

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