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Northwest Austin Council

Steve Robinson has been Executive Director of Northwest Austin Council since 2010. Before that he was President of the Board. Steve works closely with many organizations on the Westside of Chicago, including Peacemakers Coalition, Neighbor Policing Iniative, Black Workers Matters, Westside Rising, The Coalition (a Political Action Committee), TimeExchange Coaltions, Danny Davis' Technology Advisory Committee, and Nobel Neighbors. 

Steve works to help his community and sees it as a privilege. Steve has a direct issues, grass-roots, organizing approach. 

Steve has a Masters degree in industrial operations & logistics from IIT.

Northwest Austin Council is a community-based, grass-roots organization.

The mission of the Northwest Austin Council (NAC) is to mobilize residents of Chicago's Austin Community to take action on the issues which directly affect their lives.  

We organize grassroots campaigns on issues of: 

  • Public Safety
  • Housing
  • Education

NAC has helped start many organizations, including: 

  • Austin Green Team
  • Westside Health Authority
  • Neighborhood Policing Inititative
  • Peacemakers Coalition
  • The Coalition
  • Campaign for Drug-free Westside

In 1999, Studs Terkel interviewed the then-Executive Director of NAC, Ms Leola Spann. You can hear the interview here

Northwest Austin Council (NAC) was established in 1972.  

Office: (773) 379-7961