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(Black Workers Matter time account)

This bookkeeping account enables people to record their time transactions with Black Workers Matter, even though the group has not yet joined the Time Exchange Coalition.

    Date / Memo Hrs Credited (+) / Hrs Debited (-) Balance

    Steve Robinson
    8-13-20, 5:14am
    Bimbo protests , meetings and leafleting
                        -3:45 -14:20

    Steve Robinson
    7-3-20, 10:18am
    June 2020 For BIMBO press conference, leafleting ,protest & conf calls For BIMBO lores conf, protest & conf calls
                        -6:30 -10:75

    Steve Robinson
    6-4-20, 11:19pm
    Support and planning for protest at Bembo co.
                        -3:00 -4:45

    Steve Robinson
    5-23-20, 6:02pm
    For BIMBO caravan protest & conf calls
                        -1:45 -1:45