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Faith in Austin

Welcome to our group of folks who have Faith in Austin - Churches, block clubs, and other organizations involved in Austin.  Rev Steve Epting of Hope Community Church in Austin chairs our meetings.  

We outreach to the community - our members are developing a community plan, organizing Annual Austin Power 5k Runs which are open to all.  In the summer 100 churches, 100 blocks come together on Wednesday nights from 6pm to 7pm during June and July -- to do positive loitering at spots in our community that need extra loving spirit.  

Our partnering organizations include Westside Minsters Coalition & Good Neighbors, BUILD, Austin Coming Together, and other organizations. 

    Barry Koren

    About Barry Koren

    Hi, I'm Barry Koren, the founder of  For me, developing this website is a step toward realizing my vision, which is this. 

    By the year 2030, when my two grandsons will be 19 and 22 years old, to create a world or place where most people can sit around the kitchen table with loved ones eating locally grown, wholesome food.  And a place where there are no garbage trucks because people have become masters of unwaste.

    In building this site, I have morphed from someone who has been grieving for the demise of our culture to who I now am.  A man building a tool where people can help one another find a way out of the morass of so many of our institutions and systems (political, judicial, health, education) not working as effectively as they once did.

    And the way out that I see is for people connecting with one another to do countless acts of kindness and courage.  And the way to begin is to encourage people who are doing innovative, creative, or uplifting things to add their voices so that more people can know what they're up to.  And my hope is that the local bulletin boards we have created will be a tool for that happening in our villages.