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Ecopolitan Health Network

Participate in the Eco-Health Network to get science-based eco-health information and products, and engage in activities.

Welcome to our group. Its purpose is to bring people together online the growing number of people who share a common interest in the Eco-Health Network -- diet, nutrition, ecology, Nepal, and more.

  • Ecopolitan's Minneapolis Restaurant is 100% Organic Vegan Raw restaurant, bar, natural home & body goods shop, infrared sauna, oxygen bar and eco-art gallery: "For Your Health, the Earth, & the Taste!
  • Ecopolitan's Eco-Spas offer you non-toxic, organic steam wraps • facials • manicure, pedicure & more. The Minneapolis Raw Beauty Eco-Spa is located in the Ecopolitan building. Ecopolitan's Country spa is under development in Wisconsin.
  • The Eco Shop offers raw foods, Ecolicious (Ecopolitan-made) raw foods, Professional quality supplements, preventive medicine products, healthy, ecological home & body goods , and healthy food preparation tools.
  • The Activities section contains newsletter archives, information about Eco-Adventures (thailand tour, nepal trek, testimonials), lectures, meeting, community activities and eco-events ; eco-blogs, guestbook and testimonials. Tell a friend!
  • The Eco-Healing section allows you to treat common health challenges with clinical nutrition, food choices and lifestyle. Find the ultimate treatment for your condition in the nutrition reference guide, Read about advanced medical laborarory tests you can order, anti aging techniques and testimonials and explore our Eco-Health Education program, which allows you to enhance your knowledge and / or become a certified holistic health practitioner. Tips, lectures and university courses are offered. Our Functional and Dental Health activity includes the FDH Foundation: (Biological Dentistry, Functional Medicine) and International activities (The IABD and MRPI programs).
  • Ecopolitan's Eco-Healing center offers colonic hydrotherapy, therapeutic message, chinese medicine & shiatsu, nutritional and fuctional medicine, environmental, biological, and preventive medicine, cutting-edge lab tests, and treatments for vibrant health and longevity (utilizing proven lifestyle and dietary modifications, scientifically-targeted supplementation, and Novadermy for youthful skin).
  • EMF Pollution Remediation is your definitive science-based guide for protecting yourself and your loved ones from electromagnetic pollution.

People in group can communicate with each other. They can also post online free ads to buy or sell for dollars or hours that appear in the Marketplace & Time Exchange. They can also post what you want to give away, share, or announce.

For detailed information, please contact us.
Blessing of health,
Dr. T-Doctor Adiel Tel-Oren, founder.