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Make local connections + exchanges

    OurVillageLife.com is a tool to discover meaningful connections with neighbors and to discover local connections that gradually solve the big problems of our time.
  • Our interest groups help you find connections with people who live near you.
  • Our marketplace & time exchange helps you find make exchanges using free ads to buy and sell with dollars or "Hours."
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  • As with Yahoo - use our group email to communicate within an interest area with local people who share your interest.
  • As with Craigslist - buy, sell, share, and give-away locally on our Oak Park Marketplace & Time Exchange.
  • As with LinkedIn - post a profile and let local people, groups, and businesses know what you're up to.
  • As with Pinterest - share photos of events, interests, hobbies that others can Like and comment on.
  • As with Facebook - use our local bulletin boards to meet and connect with friends in your village.

Easy communication (a) within your interest group. Each group has its own email. You simply use this address as you would any other email address, and it goes to everyone in your interest group.
Each group’s emails are archived on its bulletin board. The group can be public or private, and can have a calendar, photo albums, and documents.

Express what you’re about right here in your village, On your profile page, describe yourself and give your links and images. Say what you’d like to be acknowledged for.

Have richer everyday experiences through building a stronger local community.

Take a step by sharing a tool or offering a ride or recycling something worthwhile.
Or take it ten steps further and do what Sally and Ana and their friends did in launching and running a local vibrant film festival. Or as Cheryl and her friends did in building and running a high energy, expanding food co-op. And, as they can do, use this site as one of the many tools needed to build this big and important effort to nourish a more satisfying, better, stronger, happier, richer community.

(b) from your group to other groups and the village. Launch your local social network in your village, and connect it to the local social networks of other local groups. Use the bulletin boards and calendars to announce events, seek volunteers, organize, make connections.

Use our marketplace to Buy, Sell, Trade, Share, Recycle, and Gift right in your village.

Basic Membership


  • Profile image
  • Links to social media
  • Profile description
  • Make connections for instant & private messages
  • Join & create groups. Each group can have:
  • An email address
  • Bulletin board
  • Member gallery
  • Photo galleries
  • Calendar
  • Google docs

Enhanced Profile for Contributors


    All free features plus the following --

  • Organization logo
  • Profile description of what you’re about - Unlimited
  • Profile images - Unlimited
  • Profile links - Unlimited
  • Marketplace items - longer descriptions & more photos
  • Bold listing on member directory
  • Get recommendations on what you want to be acknowledged for
  • Profile page always visible
Local Big Guys, $60/year
Big Guys, $120/year
Artists & not-for-profits, Free

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